Women of a Certain Age I

“Women of a Certain Age” is a collaborative performance work with Julia Claire Wallace. This iteration was performed at ITINERANT Performance Festival (Queens Museums, Queens, NYC) in May 2019.

The work explores female sexuality and the ways in which sexual identity evolve as women age.  Drawing from personal conversations and experiences with both men and women, Wallace and Harris utilize bodywork, movement, and participation to articulate positions of marginalization, power, and creativity. They provocatively question notions of freedom and fidelity and how women are navigating a world that exploits and extinguishes moments of sexual expression and how that impacts their social standing and political possibilities.

The project is an on-going collaboration and uses consistent materials to create site-specific actions that explore relationships between the artists and the audience, the artists with each other, and the artist with herself. The work is fundamentally linked to notions of identity, gender, and politics.

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