Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt has a complicated relationship with art, especially how her work applies to contemporary performance, participatory actions, and social practice. Though her conception of political action relies upon public engagement, her attitude toward the work of art as politically potent is dismissive. I am interested in Arendt’s political theory and its many intersections with performance and radicality.

Visiting scholar, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities, Bard College

Lecture: “Hannah Arendt and Revolutions,” Texas Woman’s University Video

Lecture: “Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism and fascist performance,” Texas Woman’s University Video

Paper presentation: “Photography as Action: Rethinking Arendtian Action through Diane Arbus’ Photography,”  Hannah Arendt Annual Circle Meeting at University of Arkansas

Paper presentation: “Arendt’s Unbearable Loneliness: Adrian Piper’s ‘The Probable Trust Registry,” New Mexico  Texas Philosophy Association

Paper presentation: “The Participating Body: Spencer Tunick’s ‘Everything She Says Means Everything” at Hannah Arendt Circle, University of California Davis Video

Performance Studies

Performance and its various disciplines are a lively mode of public life and provide opportunities for engagement. This is a focus of research and creative practice.

Lecture: “What is performance art?,” Jung Center Houston

Paper presentation: “Suzanne Lacy as Rortyan Strong Poet,”  New Mexico Texas Philosophical Society Conference

Creative practice presentation: “Vanishing Discotecas,” University of Cambridge Centre for Research of Art, Social Sciences and Humanities, ART / MONEY / CRISIS Conference

Lecture: “Artist Adrian Piper Confronts Donald Trump: Can Art Give Us Insight Into How Political Discourse is Failing?” Texas Woman’s University

Publication: “Suzanne Lacy: Right Time, Right Place:” Experimental Action Link

Publication: “What is the difference between performance art and the performing arts?:” Experimental Action Link

Publication: “Performing a Seduction: Performance Art Houston’s ‘Political Seducer’s Diary:” Political Animal Magazine Link

Publication: “An unlikely alliance in Houston: art and oil:” TribTalk

Political Philosophy

Political philosophy is a powerful means by which to interrogate what constitutes the public, action, and ethics. My interest in political philosophy focuses on 20th century thought and its relationship with civic life.

Paper presentation: “What is a Democratic Body? : Judson Dance Theater and Helene Landemore’s Open Democracy,” American Society for Aesthetics Eastern Conference

Lecture: “Appiah’s Cosmopolitanism: Ethics in a World of Strangers,”  Texas Woman’s University

Creative practice presentation: “Revolution! Scholars and Artists Rethinking Political Action,” Frontiers of Democracy conference, American Political Science Association & Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts University Video

Lecture: “Richard Rorty and the Problem of Pluralism,” Texas Woman’s University

Paper presentation: “Reenacting War Crime Trials: Performance Artists and a New Form of International Justice,” Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, Radical Interventions: Politics, Culture, Society Conference, University of Brighton

Publications: “Pink Sneakers and Pussy Hats: The Performative as Political,” Performance Philosophy Journal

Adriana Cavarero

Feminist Italian philosopher Adriana Cavarero has a theoretical practice that weaves together multiple disciplines – from art and science to literature and philology. I am interested in her thought as it relates to public space, art practices, and performance especially as it relates to the thought of Hannah Arendt and Judith Butler.

Lecture: “Adriana Cavarero’s Inclinations: Art, Ethics, Politics, and Feminism,” University of Houston Video

Public Philosophy

Philosophy becomes especially meaningful as it departs from academic discourse and moves into communities. I seek out exchanges between theoretical and creative practices to re-examine the ways that philosophy is a catalyst for public life.

Publication: “Make America Great Again: Regina Jose Galindo’s Performance Art Illustrates the Struggles of Immigration,” Political Animal Magazine Link 

Publication: “Bare breasts but no bunga bunga,” Political Animal Magazine Link

Publication: “To Arts its Freedom”: Right-wing Arts Policy in the New Austria,” Political Animal Magazine Link

Lecture: The Imagery of Lynching,” Texas Woman’s University

Lecture: “Are we all performance artists?” Philosophically Drinking Video

Art Reviews

Publication: “Recapping PERFORMA 2021: Art and Oil and Gas” Glasstire

Publication: “Recapping PERFORMA 2021: But Was It Performance Art?” Glasstire

Arte Studio Ginestrelle Art Writing Residency, Assisi (IT)

Editor, Thinking Cap for SAP at Paris Institute for Critical Thinking

Publication: Wendy Davis, Marina Abramovic and the Art of the Filibuster” Glasstire

Publication: “Participation in Text as Dissent and Distraction”

Publication: “Katie Schwab: Together in a Room”

Publication: “Motion and Photography”

Publication: “Yoan Capote’s Landscapes Made of Thousands of Fishhooks Illustrates the Complexities of Life in Cuba (London)”

Publication: “Julien Previeux’s Video Uses Dancing Lightsabers to Show Us the Power of Gesture”

Publication: “Mayan Toledano’s Evocative Photographs of Adolescent Girls Capture the Melancholy of Burgeoning Womanhood”

Publication: “Photographer Marta Soul Unapologetically Kisses 18 Different Men in Romantic Scenes”

Publication: “Travertine and Resin Tabletops Make Having Coffee at The Beach an Everyday Reality”

Publication: “Juan Ford Paintings of a Duct Taped Post-Apocalyptic World”

Publication: “Heather Dewey-Hagborg Uses DNA From Chewing Gum to Create 3D Portraits”

Publication: “Thomas Cian Merges Portraits with Nature”

Publication: “Lynn Lane Captures Dancing Spirits in Mid Motion in His Haunting Photographs”

Publication: “Joanna Black’s Photos Show Us What Ugly Doesn’t Look Like”

Publication: “Julia Sinelnikova Asks Us if Fairies Are Good or Bad”“

Publication: Kunihiko Nohara Creates Sculptures that Hang Between the Earth and Sky”

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