reviews and criticism

“The knowledge we gain through art is an experience of the form or style of knowing something, rather than a knowledge of something (like a fact or moral judgment) in itself.”

Susan Sontag from “On style”

Political Animal Magazine

“On the Strange Agreement Between Artists and Trump Administration: Doubts about the International Criminal Court,” Political Animal Magazine Link

“Make America Great Again: Regina Jose Galindo’s Performance Art Illustrates the Struggles of Immigration,” Political Animal Magazine Link 

“Bare breasts but no bunga bunga,” Political Animal Magazine Link

“To Arts its Freedom”: Right-wing Arts Policy in the New Austria,” Political Animal Magazine Link

“Performing a seduction: Performance Art Houston’s ‘Political Seducer’s Diary,” Political Animal Magazine Link

Performance Philosophy Journal

“Pink sneakers and pussy hats: the performative as political.”

Ryall Contemporary

“Participating in text as dissent and distraction,” article link

Gallery exhibition

“House of Clouds: Reflections on Rain Diaries by Ana Mrovlje and Otto Urpelainen” published in conjunction with exhibition at Kepelica Gallery in Ljubljana.”

this is tomorrow

“Damian Ortega at Fruit Market Gallery,” article link

“Resistance and persistence at Inglebly Gallery (Edinburgh),” article link

“Katie Schwab: Together in a Room,” article link


“Recapping Performa 2021: Art and Oil and Gas,” article link

“Recapping Performa 2021: But was it perforamance art?” article link

“Performance art or ‘marking it?” article link

“Wendy Davis, Marina Abramovic, and the art of the filibuster,” article link

Experimental Action Blog

“How is performance art different from the performing arts” article link

“Suzanne Lacy: Right time, right place,” article link

“ExA 2019 in review: Roos Hoffman,” article link

“Joy Harris interviews artist Courtney Frances Fallon on her installation ‘Trump & Co,” article link

Arte Studio Ginestrelle Art Writing Residency

Beautiful Decay

Publication: “Yoan Capote’s Landscapes Made of Thousands of Fishhooks Illustrates the Complexities of Life in Cuba (London)”

Publication: “Julien Previeux’s Video Uses Dancing Lightsabers to Show Us the Power of Gesture”

Publication: “Mayan Toledano’s Evocative Photographs of Adolescent Girls Capture the Melancholy of Burgeoning Womanhood”

Publication: “Photographer Marta Soul Unapologetically Kisses 18 Different Men in Romantic Scenes”

Publication: “Travertine and Resin Tabletops Make Having Coffee at The Beach an Everyday Reality”

Publication: “Juan Ford Paintings of a Duct Taped Post-Apocalyptic World”

Publication: “Heather Dewey-Hagborg Uses DNA From Chewing Gum to Create 3D Portraits”

Publication: “Thomas Cian Merges Portraits with Nature”

Publication: “Lynn Lane Captures Dancing Spirits in Mid Motion in His Haunting Photographs”

Publication: “Joanna Black’s Photos Show Us What Ugly Doesn’t Look Like”

Publication: “Julia Sinelnikova Asks Us if Fairies Are Good or Bad”“

Publication: Kunihiko Nohara Creates Sculptures that Hang Between the Earth and Sky”

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