Possessing a common logic

Trisha Brown, Untitled, 1973

Possessing a common logic is a series of discussions and collaborations between philosophers, theorists, artists, and performers. Curator Jeanette Joy Harris brings together creative thinkers from different disciplines and invites them to uncover a common logic or underlying thread that connects their practices.

Working toward resonances not necessarily similarities and shared ways of thinking not necessarily shared thoughts, the end result is unpredictable. This series aims to imagine new possibilities and projects through difference. It moves away from a purely critical mode of engagement, focusing, instead on creation and construction. 

No. 1: Performance and politics

The focus of Possessing a Common Logic No. 1 is the relationship between politics, art, and performance. It wonders how art practices have impacted politics from policy and protest to rhetoric and legislation. It considers how contemporary political issues have become sources for new forms of art and philosophical practices. It questions the divisions between disciplines and the way institutions are tackling political issues.

Participants include:

  • Leslie Aarons
  • Vera Albrecht
  • Maria Cecilia Azar
  • James Ball
  • Camilla Cannon
  • Isa Fontbona
  • Courtney Francis Fallon
  • Rivkah French
  • Julia Barbosa Landois
  • Jennifer Mabus
  • Melissa Noble
  • Maggie Malady Pahndeepah
  • Vyta Pivo
  • Damion Scott
  • Julia Claire Wallace
  • Miranda Zapata
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