Communities talking about their homes: BMW Guggenheim Lab

Today at Houston and 2nd Avenue, the BMW Guggenheim lab will be unveiled to the citizens of NYC. This project, which is a collection of designers, architects, artists, scientists, etc, has been established to create roaming “think tanks” that ask communities simple questions about how they live and, more importantly, how they want to live. By pulling together innovators […]

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Mathematical, collaborative, dancing genius — Merce Cunningham

Saying that dance is mathematical is the worst possible thing you could say to an aspiring performer. Odds are, if you are good at barre, you are terrible in calculus. And yet what most dancers and musicians, for that matter, don’t  realize is that both disciplines rely on more higher mathematical skills than a marketing professional […]

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Oh! To dress for the French Riviera (hot glue guns encouraged)

So although I have already started planning for my upcoming trip to Vegas and the opportunities I will have to wear those red feather high heels that have been sleeping in my closet since I bought them 4 years ago, that fashion opportunity pales in comparison to the GLEE of calling up your best friend fashion […]

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