Tea Toss for Political Favors (2019)

“Tea Toss for Political Favors,” is a participatory work that explores the destruction of dialogue in public discourse. From the Boston Tea Party to the rise of the Tea Party, tea is a symbol for class, economy, and rebellion in both liberal and conservative-leaning politics. Using tea as its jumping off point, This work juxtaposes the ritual of afternoon tea with a decaying public sphere, subverting a civil act into a carnival game. Political constituents double as carnival game participants who use their skills to land a spectrum of political favors.

This project recognizes the dubious granting of political favors is not a partisan activity. Instead, this project demonstrates that, in some way, each of us play a part in the construction and sustainability of a political system that is driven by a unique blend of power, industry, economy, religion, and the American Dream.

This project is a collaborative effort with Joanna Ruth Smith. Writing credit: Dean Liscum.

  • stARTup Fair featured performance, Hotel Icon, Houston, Texas 2019
  • Performance Art Night, Notsuoh, Houston, Texas 2019

Rules of the game

You, the political constituent, become a carnival game participant. Use your skills to land a spectrum of political favors. Liberal? Conservative? Political favoritism is apolitical. You pay; you play. Think you’re too dignified to play? In some way, each of us already plays a part in the sustainability of a political system that is driven by a unique American blend of power, industry, economy, religion, and favor. You might as well get yours.

Fancy a favor?

Toss three tea bags and three sugar cubes. Win prizes in numbered cups:

  1. Tickets to Hamilton or an NRA membership
  2. $1,000 PAC contributions
  3. Free pass: Subpoena refusal
  4. Prime time cable news interview
  5. #Metoo hush money
  6. Free pass: Obstruction of justice
  7. 1 hour consultation with Presidential counsel
  8. All expense paid trip to visit oligarch of your choice
  9. $1,000,000 campaign contribution

Bonus Prizes!

  • Cabinet appointment of your choice
    Departments were meant to be dismantled.
  • Judicial appointment of your choice
    Need a law overturned? Laws can be so restrictive.
  • Presidential retweet
    What’s your truth? Have the Tweeter-in-Chief spread your reality.

Free for everyone!

To remind you of the transgression you’re about to commit or ask for…

  • A pocket copy of the U.S. Constitution

stARTup Fair, Houston, Texas (2019)

Performance Art Night – Election Edition, Houston, Texas (2019)