Aspiring Vacationista is a performance piece that was developed after being relentlessly lost in Amsterdam while on holiday. I was really lost. Lost. As a phenomenology of wandering, the work discusses urban planning, history, art and philosophy all while experiencing a simultaneous feeling of anxiety of not knowing where the hell you are.


I have always aspired to be a vacationista – slide – the woman in the airport with her black outfit and nude leather carry-on appearing to be graceful as she waltzes through security without her belongings tumbling over like a mess in plastic bins, carrying a latte in one hand, texting her equally refined slide Italian boyfriend that she will arrive in Rome in a quick 12 hours.

She has an air of benign arrogance and people stare at her in wonder while they slide drink their Coke, eat a Subway sandwich, and dig through slide an oversized tote bag looking for their wallet.

That, would be me. I am the opposite of a vacationista. I am simply an amateur traveler longing to be more.


  • Performed for Diana Sofia Estrada “Travelling Without Doing Harm” show at Elephant, Los Angeles, California