• University of Edinburgh, College of Art (UK), MscR, History of Art, with distinction, emphasis: performance and politics
  • Texas Woman’s University (US), BA, Government (major), Philosophy (minor), summa cum laude, emphasis: political theory and continental philosophy  

Residencies / Community

  • Bard College, Hannah Arendt Center for Politics and Humanities, Visiting Scholar, Fall 2016
  • International Performance Association, Venice International Performance Art Week, Summer 2016
  • Experimental Action, Performance Biennial, Fundraising committee
  • Houston Arts Alliance, Civic Art Grant Committee, pre-selected

Lectures and Conferences

  • “The Aesthetic Performance of Arendtian Isolation,” Hannah Arendt Circle, University of California Davis, upcoming, April 2018
  • “Hannah Arendt’s Origins of Totalitarianism and fascist performance,” Texas Woman’s University, Department of History and Government, 2017
  • “Performance Art and the work of Simone de Beauvoir,” University of North Texas, Department of Philosophy, 2017
  • “Vanishing Discotecas,” University of Cambridge Centre for Research of Art, Social Sciences and Humanities, ART / MONEY / CRISIS Conference, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “Reenacting War Crime Trials: Performance Artists and a New Form of International Justice,” Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics, Radical Interventions: Politics, Culture, Society Conference, University of Brighton, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “I am an Artist – Not an Activist:” Regina Jose Galindo’s Quien Puede Borran las Huellas and the 2015 Protests for Mexico’s Missing Students,” University of Edinburgh College of Art Postgraduate Research Conference, “Changing Tides,” Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “20th Century Participatory Performance,” University of Edinburgh, College of Art, 2016
  • “Hannah Arendt and the Disney Princesses,” Texas Woman’s University, Department of History and Government, 2016
  • “Artist Adrian Piper Confronts Donald Trump: Can Art Give Us Insight Into How Political Discourse is Failing?” Texas Woman’s University, Department of History and Government, 2016
  • Overview of Simone de Beavoir’s “Ethics of Ambiguity” for University of Edinburgh Continental Reading Group, 2015
  • “Photography as Action: Rethinking Arendtian Action through Diane Arbus’ Photography,” Hannah Arendt Annual Circle Meeting at University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Arkansas, 2010

Publications and Writings

  • “To Arts its Freedom”: Right-wing Arts Policy in the New Austria,” Political Animal Magazine, 2018.
  • “What is the difference between performance art and the performing arts?” Experimental Action, 2018
  • “Performing a Seduction: Performance Art Houston’s ‘Political Seducer’s Diary,” Political Animal Magazine, 2018
  • “Pink Sneakers and Pussy Hats: The Performative as Political,” Performance Philosophy Journal, 5th Anniversary edition, 2017
  • “All Rise! Hannah Arendt and the Re/imagined Trials of Dada Paris and Milo Rau,” University of Edinburgh, College of Art, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “Washing of Bones, Telling of Stories: Hannah Arendt, Harold Rosenberg, and Marina Abramovic’s Balkan Baroque,“ University of Edinburgh, College of Art, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2016
  • “Adrian Piper’s “Probable Trust Registry” and the Rise of Donald Trump,” University of Edinburgh, College of Art, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2015
  • “The Phenomenal Bird: Appearance in the Work of Hannah Arendt,” University of Edinburgh, College of Art, Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 2015


  • “it is double pleasure to deceive the deceiver” (participatory performance and visual collection), on-going
  • “Sometimes … nuns of Iona” (Solo performance), Timeless Fragments | Chromatic vibrations between earth and water, Brindisi, Italy, December 2017
  • “ Girls and Guns” (video performance), Performance Art Houston, “The Political Seducer’s Diary,” Houston, Texas, November – December 2017
  • “This is where I would cook you dinner” (Solo performance, photography), Our Prime Property, Houston, Texas, August 2017
  • International Performance Association Workshop in conjunction with Venice International Performance Week, 2-hour and 4-hour open performances, Venice, Italy, June 2016
  • “Tap Dining” (Participatory performance)
    • BowArts “Visions in the Nunnery” Exhibition, London, UK, December 2016
    • Unnoticed Art Festival #2, The Netherlands, June 2016
  • “Vanishing Discotecas” (Photography, Video, and Community Panel)
    • Miami Photo Salon (Art Basel | Miami Beach), group show, Miami, Florida, December 2014
    • Lawndale Art Center, solo show, Houston, Texas, March 2016
    • Fotofest, Houston, Texas, March 2016
    • Panel discussion: Gentrification in East Downtown Houston, 2016
    • Presentation: ART/MONEY/CRISIS, University of Cambridge, 2016
    • Top 5 in Texas, Glasstire Magazine, 2016
  • “Aspiring Vacationista” (Solo performance), Travelling Without Doing Harm opening, Elephant Gallery, Los Angeles, California, November 2014
  • “Landscape Architect” (Video collaboration with artist Diana-Sofia Estrada)
    • Aurora Picture Show’s 12th Annual Extremely Shorts Film Festival, group show, Houston, Texas
    • Portland Community Media Non-Profit Cable Access Channel, Portland, Oregon
    • Cal Arts MFA Graduate Exhibition, solo show, Los Angeles, California
    • Oxen Rose Gallery, group show, San Francisco, California
  • “Byron’s Strategy” (Mixed-media installation: fabric, thread, ribbon, pen)
    • Lawndale Art Center’s Big Show, group show, Houston, Texas
    • Union Street Gallery, group show, Union City, Illinois, Third place in show 


  • “The Political Seducer’s Diary,” for Houston Performance Art, Houston, Texas, November – December 2017
  • “Location: Between Present and Future,” for Our Prime Property, Los Angeles, California, August 2017

Art Reviews

  • “An unlikely alliance in Houston: art and oil” TribTalk
  • “Wendy Davis, Marina Abramovic and the Art of the Filibuster” Glasstire
  • “Participation in Text as Dissent and Distraction”
  • “Damian Ortega at Fruitmarket Gallery”
  • “Resistance and Persistence at Inglebly Gallery (Edinburgh)”
  • “Katie Schwab: Together in a Room”
  • “Motion and Photography”
  • “Yoan Capote’s Landscapes Made of Thousands of Fishhooks Illustrates the Complexities of Life in Cuba (London)”
  • “Julien Previeux’s Video Uses Dancing Lightsabers to Show Us the Power of Gesture”
  • “Mayan Toledano’s Evocative Photographs of Adolescent Girls Capture the Melancholy of Burgeoning Womanhood”
  • “Christopher Chiappa’s Installation Covers the Gallery Walls with Over 7,000 Oozing Fried Eggs”
  • “Photographer Marta Soul Unapologetically Kisses 18 Different Men in Romantic Scenes”
  • “Travertine and Resin Tabletops Make Having Coffee at The Beach an Everyday Reality”
  • “Juan Ford Paintings of a Duct Taped Post-Apocalyptic World”
  • “Heather Dewey-Hagborg Uses DNA From Chewing Gum to Create 3D Portraits”
  • “Thomas Cian Merges Portraits with Nature”
  • “Lynn Lane Captures Dancing Spirits in Mid Motion in His Haunting Photographs”
  • “Joanna Black’s Photos Show Us What Ugly Doesn’t Look Like”
  • “Julia Sinelnikova Asks Us if Fairies Are Good or Bad”
  • “Kunihiko Nohara Creates Sculptures that Hang Between the Earth and Sky”


This series of presentations was given to a large Texas law firm and discussed the impact that art can make in a professional setting. The small group setting was conducive to discussion and interaction. Topics included:

  • Jeff Koons and Michael Jackson can help us unravel contemporary art
  • If being present works for Marina Abramovic, it might work for you
  • “Isms” can uncover your kryptonite


  • “Eyes made of stars, flesh made of earth” – Approximate 12 minute, 3 section choreographic work combining Latin and modern dance. This was developed while I was an instructor at University of North Texas and utilized both novice and professional dancers. Novice dancers were students in the Health and Recreation department. Denton, Texas
  • Guest choreographer: Denton Civic Ballet; Denton, Texas
  • Guest choreographer: Cook County Ballet; Gainesville, Texas
  • Joffrey Ballet Summer Intensive; New York City, New York
  • Texas Woman’s University Dance Department; Denton, Texas
  • Denton Civic Ballet artist; Denton, Texas
  • University of North Texas Department of Health & Recreation: Ad junct, Social Dance Instructor; Denton, Texas
  • Denton Ballet Academy: Ballet, Tap, and Jazz Instructor; Denton, Texas
  • The Havana Boys Salsa Band: Salsa Dance Instructor; Dallas, Texas
  • Rob G Latin Jazz Ensemble: Salsa Dance Instructor; Denton, Texas