“Women of a Certain Age” at ITINERANT Performance Art Festival – NYC

Julia Claire Wallace and I are excited to be participating in ITINERANT Performance Art Festival in NYC over Memorial Day weekend. Our work, “Women of a Certain Age,” will be shown at Queens Museum on Saturday, May 23rd.


New York City welcomes the arrival of ITINERANT, the annual Performance Art Festival NYC, to take place from May 21 to 25 featuring local, national and international artists selected from an international open call. ITINERANT will launch its 2019 program with the video screenings and performances in Manhattan at Grace Exhibition Space on Tuesday, May 21. The festival will continue to the other boroughs with live performances and public interventions in Brooklyn at Smack Mellon (Wednesday, May 22), in the Bronx at Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, BAAD (Thursday, May 23), Manhattan at Grace Exhibition Space (Friday, May 24), and in Queens at Queens Museum and Flushing Meadows Corona Park (May 25). The closing event of the festival will be hosted at Last Frontier NYC on Saturday, May 25.

May 14, 2019 (New York City, NY)  – ITINERANT, the annual Performance Art Festival NYC,  welcomes this year’s participating artists, and invites the general public to a week of Live Action Art taking place at different venues throughout different boroughs in New York City.  This year’s program, organized and curated independently by interdisciplinary artist, Hector Canonge, will take place from May 21 to 25.

ITINERANT 2019 focuses on works that explore, treat, propose, and consider somatic (re)constructions and (re)presentations regarding gender, nationality, identity, and civil status. Departing from the current socio/politico/economic transformations around the globe, ITINERANT will feature performance art works by emerging and established local, national as well as international artists from Europe, Latin America, Asia, and North America.

PROGRAM DETAILS (Date, Time, Event, Venue, Address):

Tuesday, May 21, 8-11 pm

* Opening Night: Video Screenings and Performances  *


182 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

Participating Artists: Sylvain Souklaye (France / Denmark), Junwei Zhang (China), Gearóid Dolan (Ireland), Izabela Brudkiewicz (Poland / United Kingdom), Alex Côté (Canada), Heather Sincavage (United States), Xandra Ibarra (United States), Marit Lindberg (Sweeden),  Emilia Bouriti (Greece), and Courtney Frances Fallon (United States).

Wednesday, May 22, 7-10 pm

Live Performances


92 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, NY

Participating Artists: Concha Vidal (Spain), l’Artiste ordinaire [Melissa Grey & David Morneau] (United States), Nathaniel Sullivan (Canada), Annalee Tull (United States), Dorothea Seror (Germany), and Leopoldo Bloom (United States).

Thursday, May 23, 7-10 pm

Live Performances


2474 Westchester Ave, Bronx, NY

Participating Artists: Kevin Quiles Bonilla (Puerto Rico), Leah Aron (United States), Julha Franz (Brazil), 江峰 Jiang Feng (Taiwan), and Verónica Peña & Hector Canonge (Spain / United States).

Friday, May 24, 8-11 pm

Live Performances


182 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

Participating Artists: Shuntaro Yoshida (Japan), Valerie Green (United States), Carlos Lolito Vargas (Ecuador), Irene Chan (United States), and Alison Crocetta (United States).

Saturday, May 25, 12-3 pm

Live Performances


NYC Building , Flushing Meadows, Corona, NY

Participating artists: Ivana Larrosa (Spain), Joseph Sledgianowski (United States), Jeanette Joy Harris & Julia Claire Wallace (United States), Beau Coleman (Canada), and Alex Clair (United States).

Saturday, May 25, 3-5 pm

Live Performances


Participating Artists: Lariel Joy (South Korea), Katelyn Halpern (United States), and Jana Astanov (Poland).

Saturday, May 25, 8-11 pm

Closing Event with Live Performances


520 Kingsland Avenue, Greenpoint, NY

Participating Artists: Irena Boćkai (Croatia), Olha Pryymak (Ukraine), Natacha Voliakovsky (Argentina), Hee Ran Lee (South Korea), Alex Chellet & Arantxa Araujo (Mexico), and Danny Gonzales (United States).


ITINERANT was created in 2010 by interdisciplinary artist Hector Canonge. The initiative was a small platform for Contemporary Performance Art, and had its origins in the monthly series A-Lab Forum that Canonge organized at Crossing Art Gallery in Flushing, Queens. Following the growing interest in Live Art, and the need to present performance programs in the borough, ITINERANT was launched in 2011 under the auspices of QMAD, Queens Media Arts Development. In 2012, ITINERANT was recognized by the City of New York as the first Performance Art festival taking place throughout the five boroughs that make the metropolitan area: Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. In 2013, following the large scale venture in NYC, Canonge journeyed through Latin America creating the Spanish edition of the festival, Encuentro ITINERANTe which was presented in various cities in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2015, Canonge brought back ITINERANT to New York City. Since then the festival has introduced, and featured the work of local, national and international emerging and established artists introducing and featuring their work at local museums, art galleries, performance art spaces, and public parks.


Website: http://www.itinerant.website

Facebook: ITINERANT Performance Art Festival NYC

Email: itinerant.paf@gmail.com


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