What is performance art? Experimental Action Festival panel

February 23, 2019:  Space HL, 1303 Cullen Street, Houston, Texas

Public discussion about performance art, performativity, and Experimental Action Performance Art Festival.


Sophie Asakura (Station Museum of Contemporary)

Paul Middendorf (Space HL & Flak)

Khelli Willetts (Engage Houston at Mid-America Arts Alliance)

Julia Claire Wallace (Experimental Action)

Video details

0:00:00 – Welcome

0:03:47 – Introduction of speakers

0:10:22 – Moderator remarks Jeanette Joy Harris

Festival artists mentioned: Cassie Mira, Miao Jiaxin, Michael Anthony Garcia, Roos Hoffmann

0:19:56 – Question No. 1 “In your experience of the festival, what role does the audience play in the creation of performance works?”

Respondents: Kheli Whilletts & Sophie Asakura

Festival artists mentioned: Michael Anthony Garcia, Cassie Mira, Roos Hoffmann, Colton White

0:29:52 – Question No. 2 “Where there works you saw that seemed to have goals or preferred outcomes? Did messaging or artistry take priority in any of the works?”

Respondents: Paul Middendorf & Kheli Whilletts

Festival artists mentioned: Sarah Sudhoff, Gustavo Solar

0:38:06 – Question No. 3 “How is performance’s relationship to the market, or lack thereof, affect ways in which the artists and their works speak to our current socio-political moment?”

Respondents: Sophia Asakura, Paul Middendorf & Sophie Asakura

0:48:30 – Question No. 4 “What drives artists to performance works? How does performance bridge the gaps between medium?”

Respondents: Julia Claire Wallace, Esther Neff, Unknown speaker, Sophie Asakura, Julia Claire Wallace, Kheli Whilletts

Festival artists mentioned: Cassie Mira

1:04:08 – Audience question re: documentation and reproducibility

Respondent: Sophie Asakura

1:06:50 – Moderator question re: danger, care, and safety

Respondent: Julia Claire Wallace, Miao Jiaxin, Paul Middendorf, Sophia Asakura

Festival artists mentioned: Miao Jiaxin, Simla Civelek, Gustavo Solar

1:15:00 – Moderator question re: consent and waivers

Respondent: Kheli Whilletts, Jeanette Joy Harris, Kheli Whilletts, Jeanette Joy Harris, Kheli Whilletts, Julia Claire Wallace, Kheli Whilletts, Julia Claire Wallace, Kheli Whilletts

Festival artists mentioned: Miao Jiaxin

1:25:20 – Audience question re: participation and performance

Respondent: Paul Middendorf, Jeanette Joy Harris, Peter Schulz, Jeanette Joy Harris, Nic Schmitt

Festival artists mentioned: Gustavo Solar, Roos Hoffmann, Schmitt & Schulz

1:36:31 – Audience question re: performance and psychology/science

Respondent: Jennifer Free (audience member)

Festival artists mentioned: Jennifer Free

1:39:39 – Audience question re: artist as commodity and the worth of the artist

Respondent: Sophia Asakura, Julia Claire Wallace, Jeanette Joy Harris, Julia Claire Wallace

Festival Artists:

Simla Civelek: http://www.simlacivelek.com

Michael Anthony Garcia: https://www.mrmichaelme.com/performance-and-video

Roos Hoffmann: http://www.rooshoffmann.nl/

Miao Jiaxin: http://miaojiaxin.com

Cassie Mira: https://www.cassiemira.com/home

Esther Neff: https://estherneff.wordpress.com/

Schmitt & Schulz: https://www.schmittundschulz.de/en/home-2/

Gustavo Solar: http://gustavosolar.blogspot.com

Sarah Sudhoff: https://www.sarahsudhoff.com/

Colton White: http://www.coltonjameswhite.com/page-cv

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