Join Houston in the only art festival devoted to performance art – Experimental Action!

From February 21 – 23, the festival will facilitate and shine a spotlight on experimental performance art that excites, inspires, and pioneers ideas. It showcases local, regional, national, and international performance art.

I am particularly dedicated to this festival because it provides a home for artistic expression that isn’t shown in traditional art spaces, it builds a temporary community for artists of all backgrounds, and it generates conversations around the possibilities for art to explode beyond the museum walls.

I hope that you can come experience the festival and see some of the amazing artists that we have coming from all over the world.  I also hope that you might consider a donation so that we can fully support the artists and festival volunteers.

Experimental Action is a unique festival because in addition to providing venues and spaces for artists, we support our residents by providing temporary room and board and a stipend for their attendance.

Yes, we use our grant money and donations to pay artists to do their work! 

More than anything, I hope you can attend one – or more! – nights of our festival. Please take a look at our schedule.

See you at the festival!

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