Roma, Day 1

There is no doubt about it, Roma is beautiful. Today: a blue sky with sun and rain at the same time. Trash that looks decadent-tragic. Cursive form graffiti that looks like poetry. I have fallen in love with Roma and I haven’t even begun to see her.

I made it to make it to the Colosseo – as it emerged from office buildings and shops. Just as much an elegant truncated geometric figure as I had imagined. Though I knew the pasta would be horrible (it was), I sat and ate lunch looking at it, imagining all the past people standing in the arches, huddled together. Screaming, with delight, to kill the non-Romans. It is hard to not consider the constancy of history.

Lost at the Palatino. Stumbled into churches.  A pedi-cab to the Spanish Steps which yielded English tea!

Vittoriano. Grand. Can’t event really take a picture of it. The scale is unexplainable. Brut manpower.

Got lost but found this view!


Went to Musei Capitolini to see my boyfriend Caravaggio. I didn’t tell him I was coming by so he wasn’t around. But I found these.

Sun setting – walking back to flat. Amazingly, brilliantly, lost with a map and not caring while eating orange gelato.


Made dinner – tagliatelle with fresh tomatoes, olive oil, salt, garlic and mozzarella. Bubbles. On my terrace. My hands smell like fresh basil.


And this is day one.

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