Can creativity be taught?

Last week the New York Times posted an article on creativity as a burgeoning area of concentration at major higher education institutions across the country. So, the question is — can creativity be taught? And then, what is the difference between creativity and problem solving? Let me know what you think.

Article here

2 responses to “Can creativity be taught?”

  1. I find it sad that a significant amount of college students are already so bogged down and ingrained in ways of thought that classes/majors in creativity are necessary. College should be a time of infinite possibilities/perspectives and free thinking. I always thought the challenge was maintaining this as you get older and the world wittles you down. Maybe, the way things are now, it’s difficult to attain in the first place.

    • I think that the Apple model has made everyone feel like they need to be “creative” in order to be relevant but what they forget is creativity is an “outsider” perspective. Creativity is all about taking risks. I guess what I am saying is that you usually can’t be creative and be popular at the same time.

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