Miami Art 2012 Preview: PULSE

Pulse Art Fair holds two show annually: NYC and Miami. I was able to attend the Miami Fair in 2010 and it was definitely one of the better shows. The work was surprising and JB and I had a blast talking to the very reception gallery reps. (Snobbery factor was very low) This fair is another example why you should go beyond the Beach and see the art that is happening on the other side of the Causeway. Besides, how chic is it to tweet that you’re at the Ice Palace?

Here are some of the folks that look interesting:

YEAH! Omar Chacon from Margaret Thatcher Projects (NYC). I have seen his work before and the painstaking process taken to make these perfect, multi-colored shapes takes my breath away. Can’t wait to swing by Booth #B300.

Next, Jessica Drenk from Adah Rose Gallery (Kensington, Maryland). Yes, this is toilet paper and she was able to make it look cool. Like, very cool.  I had to read the caption before I realized what it was.

Melanie Wilhide (below) is represented by Von Lintel Gallery (NYC). Her repetitious, blurring of images is like a decadent nightmare. They look great on screen, can only image how great they will look up close.

Visitor information:

Location: The Ice Palace, 1400 North Miami Avenue

Hours: 12/6 (1-7 pm) 12/7 & 12/8 (11 – 7pm) 12/9 (11 – 5pm)

Cost: $20

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