Art Miami 2012 Preview: JustMad MIA

JustMadMIA will make it’s debut at Art Basel Miami Beach Art Week this year. The fair, which is based in Madrid, will be hosting 40 galleries and includes sections outside of the traditional visual arts realm including architecture and culinary research.

Here’s why I am excited about this show — it’s all about making connections. They have collaborated with Art Center/South Florida to highlight their residency program (Just Produced), and they have given exhibition space to juried works by emerging architects (Arch Konecta). In fact, much to my adoration, a whole section of their website communicates their commitment to dialogue and exchange between all the types of visitors that will walk their space.

We need more art fairs that realize that they have the opportunity to facilitate communication, inspiration, and, of course, selling!

Here is some work I am looking forward to seeing:

Joel Andrianomearisoa (represented by Revue Noire, ParisNegociations Sentimentales  below.

Yara El-Sherbini (represented by La Caja Blanca, Palma de Mallorca, Spain). Tipping Point below.

Not sure which of their artists will be present but watch out for Rolf Art (Argentina). If we’re lucky — Ananke Asseff?  No quiero hablar de eso below.

Love the do-it-yourself kits by Daniel Martin Corona (Galeria Angeles Banos, Spain). Mascara Africana below.

This is definitely on my list. If you can’t make the show yourself, I will be blogging and tweeting during art week. Maybe I can snag some artist and gallery interviews? Hope so!

Visitor details follow:

Location: Soho Studios @ Wynwood Convention Center, 2136 NW 1st Avenue Miami,
FL 33127

Hours: Thursday 6 from 14 to 20h. Friday 7 and Saturday 8 from 12 to 20h. Sunday 9 from 12 to 18h.

Admission: $15

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