Oh, I love my morning coffee, a beautiful, perfectly frothed capp thanks to my Nespresso machine. (Quiet all you coffee machine haters!) What celebration would be complete without having a cup of coffee made from the most expensive bean in the world: Kopi Luwak?

But what makes this the best coffee? It’s natural, cinnamon undertones? Rich aroma? Thick consistency? How much does it cost? How can  I get some? How was it discovered?

Well, the truth is that the coffee came into being because some Dutch imperialists decided to keep natives in the Dutch East Indies from drinking their own form of coffee. But a caffeine addict does what she has to get her cup of joe so come to find out there is this little critter called a palm civet that likes to eat the outer layer of coffee beans and, because it can’t digest the entire bean he, well, disposes of it. People found out that you can collect those beans, sun dry and they taste delicious. Natives could drink their coffee without inciting the rage of the Dutch but people caught a whiff of the aroma and the secret was out.

Yep, because the natives of Dutch East Indies convinced their colonizers to drink shit, I have to pay $150 / pound for it.

No thank you, mis amis. I will stick with faux Brazilian roast.

One thought on “ Celebration Delicacy I will not be having for my birthday No. 3: Kopi Luwak ”

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