The Hunger Games: Fashion is definitely in its favor

Like thousands of other people, I went to see The Hunger Games last night.  And despite the fact that this is a critique of, at the very least, reality tv culture,  and, more probably, the unequal distribution of wealth and power, would it be bad if I just wanted to talk about the clothes?

Costume designer Judianna Mokovsky, who has outfitted folks from Hogwarts to Pleasantville, provides the Hunger Games with a seamless, visual aesthetic, ranging from the theoretical, powdered wig-riches of the Capitol to the banal, manual labor-functionality of the Districts. Drawing inspiration from street clothes to couture and including time periods like French Rococo and Depression-era America, Mokovsky uses costumes to not only indicate wealth and power. In conjunction with Suzanne Collins’ novel, she uses them to indicate an individual’s desire and ability to survive in a world where even the length day cannot be depended on.

Enough words — let’s see the clothes. Oh, and if you want to dress like you live in the Capitol, here is the Capitol Couture website. It will direct you to all the Gucci and McQueen you could ever need in order to hit Happy Hour with Miss Effie and the girls.

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