I’m feeling bored and artificial: David LaChapelle

My work schedule is finally clearing up a bit and warm weather allowed me to wear shorts and drink margaritas on a patio this weekend but my recent posts have been so serious.

Let’s break free of that a bit and delight that spring is on her way. Here are some deliciously decadent pieces by David LaChapelle whose work in both photography and video has made him a celebrity art director working with high end magazines (Vanity Fair), musicians (Gwen Stefani and Elton John) and retail brands/products (H&M and Burger King.)

You could say that David has had a bit of a charmed artistic life. If you were given your first photography job from Andy Warhol personally, wouldn’t you feel like you had found your calling?

Here are some of his large, glossy photographs for your visual feast. Videos are below.

Here is a video that LaChapelle directed “Rich Girl” from Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B album.

Here is Justin Timberlake dressed up as Elton John in “The Train Don’t Stop There Anymore.” This was used in the show that LaChapelle directed for Elton John’s Vegas show.

Last but not least, let’s get some Christina Aguilera up in here. “Dirty” was directed by LaChapelle, as well.

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