The Art House is Back: Welcome to Houston, Sundance!

Houston has had a fractured relationship with art house cinema. At our best, we had three theatres to choose from: Greenway Cinema, River Oaks Cinema, or the Angelika. After Greenway closed and the Angelika could not renegotiate their lease with the owners of Bayou Place, it closed, as well. Much to my dismay, River Oaks’ selection of films has only deteriorated since all of these changes, with fewer and fewer films and keeping  them for longer and longer periods of time.

Which is why I am glad to report that the Sundance Film Center has taken over Angelika’s spot in downtown. Hooray! More arty movies for me.

Right now they are showing: My Week With Marilyn (Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe), Hugo (Scorsese 3D kid film), Melancholia (Kirsten Dunst and Charlotte Gainsbourg, I’m sure this will be uplifting), Midnight in Paris (Woody Allen), J. Edgar (Leonard di Caprio), and The Muppets.

Here is a link to the Houston site of Sundance to check out movie listings and times. 

Did I mention that they have a bar? You can order food and beer and wine and take it into the theatre. Did I also mention you can get bottles? Of champagne? Sundance speaks my language.

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