Art Crawl Houston this Saturday:

So, I just got a gig writing about Contemporary Art for and although it is not The New Yorker, it does confirm to my father that someone other than people who love me and are forced to endure my writing might actually find me interesting. Yes, it’s hard for me to imagine, as well.

Similar to what I am writing here, I will be publishing  previews and reviews of cool things that are happening in Houston with a particular nod towards making contemporary art accessible to folks who are not avid art followers. It will follow my philosophy that art is for everyone, not just those who have taken art history classes.

That said, today’s post (and some in the future) is a re-direct to my first review. will keep giving me writing opps based on traffic so  if you know of any shows that you would like to see published, please let me know.

And, thanks to everyone who has been reading and commenting. Keep it coming!

Here’s my review. 

4 responses to “Art Crawl Houston this Saturday:”

  1. Congratulations! Setting your sites on a goal, and getting there, whether conceptual or tactile, is one of your many endearing qualites my very good friend.

    I am so proud of you! I would gush more and go on and on, but this is a public site.

    Much love! Please continue!

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