I ain’t no Harajuku girl – Japan Fashion Week and the Museum Closet

My post yesterday on Haikus has put me in a Japanese state of mind. Japan Fashion week was only a few weeks ago and so I thought I would share some photos of fashion designers Gwen Stefani insists on including in her song lyrics but whose clothes you can barely find in the US.  Below are pieces from the Comme des Garcon archive which will be shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo later this year. The pieces will be housed in an installation designed by architect Kazuyo Sejima. 

Exhibits like this further articulate the changing nature of museums and how traditional exhibits are being supplemented by different forms and functions. For the past few years, The Met’s Costume Institute shows of Superheroes, the American Woman and this year’s Alexander McQueen, for example,  have been major ticket sellers and brought in patrons who aren’t going to oooh and ahh over the famous Pollocks.

I would be remiss to not mention that Kazuyo Seijima  is the Pritzer prize architect of SANAA (whose work I showed disdain for in my review of museums earlier this year). Notwithstanding, she did an amazing job curating spaces for the Venice Biennale this summer (see video of the Fendi sponsored installation here).

In general, I am always glad to see architecture and fashion coincide but I am not diggin’ the couture Hunchback of Notre Dame look. I’m just saying.

(Content for this post derived in part from Nowness.com.)

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