My haiku is faster than yours!

Poetry can be oh-so complicated and high brow but sometimes it’s just as good to “keep it simple” which is what my friend CS and I did over lunch yesterday when we had our very first haiku competition.

But before that, a few rules about haikus that you might have forgotten since you last wrote one in the 3rd grade. They have a basic construction. Line #1 has 5 syllables. Line #2 has 7 syllables and Line #3 has 5 syllables. And – for the most part – they focus on nature.

Here are some examples of proper haikus:

Falling to the ground, / I watch a leaf settle down / In a bed of brown.

As the wind does blow / Across the trees, I see the / Buds blooming in May

But haikus are more than sappy “I’m so glad that spring is here” moments written in poorly crafted love letters and Hallmark cards.

Veer, a stock image website, had a contest that closed just a few days ago that asked participants to use their favorite font as inspiration for a haiku.

Here is my favorite by @Faldim

A few years back, the Houston Chronicle asked folks to submit haikus that best described the summer heat.  This is my favorite, though not in standard haiku format:

Mom doubted my choice

I married an AC man

I married an AC man

Who is laughing now?


But haikus have been known to inspire more than just their simple form. For those of us who enjoy a nice handbag every Christmas, the Gucci bamboo bag seems elegant to me.

'new bamboo' medium top handle bag with tassels and bamboo detail.

And, of course, there is the work of Japanese fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto.

Those things said, CS and I had quite a wealth of inspiration for our high-speed text haiku-a-thon. And although some of our entries would probably get an HBO Sunday night tv rating, here are a few that made the cut.

No. 1: Haikus are easy / But sometimes they don’t make sense / Refrigerator

No. 2: Ice cream needs more praise / I had menage a trois today / With Ben and Jerry

No. 3: Nothing is better / Than sniffing glue from a tube / Obituary

Sometime today, take a moment to count syllables on your fingers and come up with something clever. 

And who won the contest? CS, hands down!

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