From Virginity to Marriage: Jeffrey Eugenides at Inprint tonight

Pulitzer prize-winning author Jeffrey Eugenides will at Imprint tonight to read from his new novel “The Marriage Plot” and I am super excited. I was introduced to JE by my friend AB who lent me a copy “Middlesex” which, I fear, I did not return in the condition with which it was given to me. “The Marriage Plot” continues JE’s string of sexually charged novel titles whose works do not usually center around anything “sexy” at all. Because I haven’t read the book yet,  I will not include a summary of the summaries I have read to date. All I know is that it has gotten great reviews and focuses on a love triangle between college students.

“Middlesex” won the Pulitzer and tracks the history of three generations of Greek immigrants all through the eyes of the transgendered grandchild so he can explain how, genetically, his condition could be possible. I am a fan of magical realism and so although not nearly as dramatic at Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s Florentino Ariza who sleeps with thousands of women, Eugenides reveals a series of events whose validity seem just likely enough for us to believe as true but whose scale and synchronicity seem more mythological than genealogical.

Eugenides is probably most famous for “The Virgin Suicides” which was made into a film by Sophia Coppola and starred Kirsten Dunst.

If you haven’t already gotten your ticket to the reading, you should. $5 and there will be a book signing afterwards. (I got my copy at BN River Oaks on West Gray last night and they still have copies left.)

Inprint presents Jeffrey Eugenides (click to buy tickets)

Wednesday, October 26 at 7:30, Wortham Center (501 Texas)

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