I got to skip work this afternoon to check out the fair before the world tramples in tomorrow morning. Relieved that I didn’t have the entire George R. Brown to contend with, I still gave myself the luxury of only looking through about half of the hall before listening to the “Art as Investment” panel in the afternoon.

Highlights from some of the galleries are below. (please forgive my poor iPhone photography)

I really enjoyed the panel. Gentlemen included reps from Bernstein Global Wealth Management, GEM Insurance and the President of the Contemporary Art Museum.  Each of these men are passionate collectors but clearly described the difference between being an art collector and being an art investor. Of course, it makes sense. You either buy it because you love it and hope that it increases in value but you wouldn’t really part with it unless you had to. Or, you buy it and study the market to know when you can make the largest return. For me, I do not have the patience to watch the stock markets and read world economic trends in order to figure out which emerging country will be the next Art China.  I guess that makes me a collector.

Carol Selter at Charlie James Gallery

Scott Fraser 

Tim Berg & Rebekeh Myers at Dean Project

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