Come see the Houston Art Snobs! Texas Contemporary Art Fair (October 20 – 23)

After living in NYC and Miami, both of which have fantastic art scenes, I am proud to say that my little home town rivals any big city when it comes to art. Even better, with a reasonable cost of living and lots of space, many working artists call Houston their home because they have the resources they need and a sophisticated community that appreciates what they’re doing.

This makes Houston the best place to host the Texas Contemporary Art Fair  which is at the George R. Brown Convention Center from October 20th – 23rd.

Local galleries like Wade Wilson, Lawndale, and DiverseWorks are participating but, don’t worry, the Texans will be sharing the exhibit hall with folks from LA, NYC, and Miami (Fredric Snitzer’s booth is a must see!) I personally hope that Orna Feinstein (image above) is going to have work there.

There are a whole bevy of other parties and events that are happening this weekend, as well. So if the restaurants in Midtown, River Oaks and Montrose seem better dressed than usual — don’t be surprised. With that in mind, everyone should get their art snob on for the next few days. Throw on something smashing, think of something provocative, and allude to Derrida until the Jackson Pollock’s of the world stumble home.

Not confident that your art skills are up to par? Check out my 2 part post on how looking at art is as easy as going to a bar. 

One day tickets are $20 and three day tickets are $40. Exhibit hours are:

Friday — 11:00 to 7:30

Saturday — 11:00 to 7:00

Sunday — 11:00 to 6:00

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