Looking at art is like going to a bar (Part 1) or How to look at art this weekend at Tx Contemporary Art Fair

For those of you that love art but are intimidated by people who drop words like phenomenology, deconstruction, and narrative in order to describe a photo of a dying tulip, I extend a treatise (over two posts) that should help you feel confident as you walk among the art snobs this weekend at Texas Contemporary Art Fair. It’s simple, really.

Looking at art at an art fair is like going to a club: 

Part 1 – Preparation before the Party

Here is a list of things you think about while you’re listening to Nikki Minaj before headed out to get your drink’n’dance on:

Here’s what this means to me before I hit the galleries:

I think you get the point. Looking at art is a visual experience. In a culture that prizes the visual over almost all other senses (unless you’re in the South and you know that food that tastes good is better than food that looks good), we are all equipped to experience art. It’s just that most of us are intimidated, but let me assure you that, like above, your club manners are way more helpful than trying to remember what you learned in your 8:00 am Art History 101 class your freshman year in college.

Go to Texas Contemporary Art Fair and get your art on.

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