Why Susannah Hoffs will be coming to Houston: King Tut at MFAH

Did anyone make it to the opening of King Tut at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston yesterday? If you didn’t — don’t worry,  it will be here until April 2012. Although this is very different from the Helmut Newton exhibit that I LOVED and that closed in September, the MFAH continues to find diverse ways to bring folks down to the museum district. (Too see my blog on Helmut Newton, click here).  Tut should be a crowd pleaser and I even got my dad who makes moo-ing sounds when he is in a crowded room to commit to going with me. Can’t wait to see all the gold!

The exhibit includes 100 Tut items and additional pieces from  30 other Egyptian dynasties across a span of 2,000 years.

Tickets are $25 (weekday) and $33 (weekend) for adults and are “timed.”

For more info on the exhibit, click here: http://www.kingtut.org/

And, can you indulge me?

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