I really do love Dior and am so glad that they are getting good press after a tough spring. One way they are managing their brand is by publicizing the designers that might have been overshadowed by the foul-mouthed Galliano. And for that, I am glad. Dior has really diversified their house and have some significant talent on their team. Their fine jewelry division is magnificent (I have gotten to try on some of the pieces at their 5th Avenue store) and the Miss Dior line continues to play homage to the history of the house while giving options for younger shoppers.

This past week, nowness.com did two features on Dior. Camile Miceli, the creative director for the accessories division (who has had the horrible time of working at Chanel and with Marc Jacobs) was highlighted (more on Camille here)  She was plugging her signature piece for the season – an updated pearl necklace. Coinciding with that piece was the release of a short, promotional film: Arcade Couture: Mise en Dior. In that, Camile shows her beautiful necklace being assembled via an 80’s pinball machine with all the neon lights and electronic-classical music that makes you feel like you’re in a sophisticated version of “Rock Me Amadeus.”

In general, between the pearl necklace fetish and the resurgence of quilted bags, it looks like Miceli is trying to make Dior the hip Chanel and thank goodness — their bag collection seems to get drearier and drearier each season.

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