All that Jazz and All those Legs – Ann Reinking

I admit that I have a slight obsession with the decadence of 1970’s / 80’s art culture. Something about all the glitter, disco, slightly melancholic post-flower power sexuality, and celebrity studded Studio 54 is interesting. Dance from this time period also holds a special place in my heart because  much of what was taught to me in dance class was a direct imitation of dark musicals like — Cabaret, Chicago, A Chorus Line and, of course, All That Jazz.

Ann Reinking epitomizes this era in Broadway. With those big eyes and the legs that went on forever, she could be forlorn (A Chorus Line), sweet (Annie), naive (All That Jazz) or spicy (Chicago).  She could sing. She could dance. So, a few examples of the great Ann Reinking, the dancer who has successfully kept the choreography of Bob Fosse alive  and performed the first music video booty shake.

So Bob Fosse, choreographer, director, and ego maniac actually wrote a musical about his own greatness in which he also directed (All that Jazz). Narcissism anyone? Ann Reinking was one of the central characters in the show. Below are two scenes from the movie. “There will be some changes made” is part of a dream sequence and “Jagger and Gideon” shows Ann with her lover’s daughter, performing a jazz number.

“There will be some changes made”

“Jagger and Gideon”

Another Fosse great – “Big Spender” from Sweet Charity. This clip is from Fosse, the musical and Ann performs with the other girls.

Next Chicago with Bebe Neuwirth:

Here she is in Annie “We Got Annie”

And the dance sequence from A Chorus Line

3 responses to “All that Jazz and All those Legs – Ann Reinking”

  1. I get my internet from my cell phone. So…that gives you an idea how long I waited for all these videos to load. But I wanted to watch ALL of them!

    I don’t use words like this, but…the woman is, in a word, SENSATIONAL.

    And I totally HAVE to watch “All That Jazz” now.

    • Yep – Amazing! If you want to see All That Jazz, I can let you borrow my DVD. You will want to see Ai-rotica. It’s the basis of the Paula Abdul video “Cold Hearted Snake.” You know – back from when you were a toddler.

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