Top 10 Shoe Wish List, Neiman Marcus (Fall)

There is no philosophy or complicated art theory in this post, just a collection of shoes that I really really want but will not get to purchase this fall season.  All prices are in Neiman Marcus currency.

No. 1: Autumnal Goddess: I love these because you can either wear them with slacks as you demonstrate your loveliness at the office (paired with trendy rose gold jewelry) or these can amp up a simple going out dress. Either way, these shoes are much more versatile than you would think!

Brian Atwood, Maniac Metallic, Rose Gold ($595)

No. 2: Don’t stop believing: Okay, so I don’t feel much like a disco queen lately but these are so delicious that they make me want to get in touch with my inner Studio 54, feather my hair and apply some glittered eye shadow. I am 95% certain that these shoes would make the Monday blues disappear completely.

Jimmy Choo Doublebanded Bootie ($950)

No. 3: If I only had to choose three shoes to take on vacation…: These would tag along. You could wear these with just about any color and with almost any outfit variation (shorts: yes; dress: yes; pants: yes) And the bow’s construction isn’t too girly. Why don’t I own these shoes? Oh, yeah – they cost more than my August rent.

Valentino Rhinestone Bow Satin Pump ($1195)

No.4: The perfect work shoe: I have been in the market for a perfect work shoe and here she is – conservative but with an edge.

Christian Louboutin Pique Prive Pump ($965)

No. 5: Art investor: There is no good reason to buy these shoes. They are expensive and impractical but oh my goodness! Aren’t they a piece of art?

Diego Dolcini Fanned Zip Back ($2445)

No.6: Aubergene causolet: I love purple shoes but they are hard to find. Most look like an adult entertainment accessory, but not these! I can, literally, see myself wearing these with a brown pencil skirt, purple cashmere sweater, scarf, and huge hoop earrings. Did I forget to  mention I am wearing an adorable brown floppy hat, as well?

Gucci Huston Mary Jane Pump ($1100)

No. 7: PINK!!: What do you do when you are sick of wearing a black turtleneck sweater with skinny jeans and black boots? You wear pink boots with bright pink lipstick. This almost makes me almost wish it were winter already!

Alexander McQueen Suede Platform Bootie ($1075)

No. 8: Would you just go with me on this one?: Aside from the Valentinos above, these are probably the next best shoes to purchase on this list (with your imaginary NM account). These shoes can take the dress/sweater/tight combination to the good place and would look amazing with jeans. Not sure about pants but, these shoes will surprise you.

Fendi Two-tone Fishbone Platform ($965)

No. 9: Over the knee boots that don’t look like a hooker purchased them: So, I couldn’t find a picture of these boots in the lighter color, so I included the link to the NM website where you can check them out yourself. I love these boots. Flat, practical boots with bows in the back to make them feel more fun.

Valentino Bow-back over the knee boots in Hazle ($1495)

No. 10: MEOW! : How can I resist these boots? I mean, how? Honestly, I hope I can find a knock-off that doesn’t look ridiculous because I have to have these this year.

Giuseppe Zonotti Leopard Print Platform Boots ($2070)

Here is a fellow blogger who has some shoe inspiration:

Check it out!

4 responses to “Top 10 Shoe Wish List, Neiman Marcus (Fall)”

  1. So this has been on mind for a while. I have seen color block shoes in velvet or suede. I find both kind of repulsive and it might stem from a child experience. So my question is What is tackier? Velvet or Suede shoes? I feel biased because I find both repulsive. But I know you can approach the topic more objectively and explain it beautifully.


    • Well, I detest velvet and suede shoes for two reasons. First of all, they get dirty and dingy and they are hard to clean. Secondly, you are supposed to wear those fabrics in winter time. Perhaps this is a remnant of my no-white-after-labor-day upbringing but it just looks weird to me. Wearing velvet, which is used to keep us warm, in the summertime is ridiciulous. Although feet temperatures are not nearly as precarious as, say, head temperatures, we should let our feet breathe in the summer since they are stuck in boots and pumps for fall and winter. Why torture them during the only time of year that they get to see the sunlight instead of the stinky dirty insides of your shoe? And as for color blocking – most people cannot pull this off because they look like watercolor sets from 1st grade. The key is accessorizing – very selective accessorizing – which, again, most people cannot do. I have a color block dress that I LOVE but I wear it with a really funky necklace and really funky shoes. But really, if you are more than 105 pouds, this is not the look for you.

      • I guess I was referring to what I was seeing as the fall 2011 fashion trends, I am not seeing anyone wear those shoes right now. Now what I didn’t understand was wearing uggs (fuggs) in 90 F degree weather. I saw that in Houston and in LA (where I think it started). I don’t see uggs very often anymore and when I do, I pretty much assume the woman is hung over or something. Same thing with those velor track suits.
        As far as wearing those other materials, I don’t. Velvet can look pretty, but I feel it looks best on an overcoat for a cute puppy walking around in snow.

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