We still love you, Jenny! Welcome back

So, the news is out on Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony’s divorce, and, to be honest, I am happy. Happy because I think that Jennifer Lopez can come back from “Brave”, women’s razor commercials, and Paula Abdul replacement tv spots.  Once she gets herself in order, she is going to Rock!

I think “On the Floor” is just the beginning! She is J.Lo for heaven’s sake!

The most important thing I hope for J.Lo is that she can take back creative control of her empire. When “Rebirth” came out, she included “(Can’t Believe) This is Me” a power ballad co-written with Anthony and one other.  I swear to you it sounds like a MA tune, transposed in her key.

Okay, I thought. It’s not a great song, but neither is the album.

Flash forward to “Como Una Mujer” her first full-length Spanish-language album and, what do you know, that same damn Marc Anthony song  (in Spanish this time) shows up. Really? As if you could trick me? I paid two times for the same song? And that is when I began to seriously ask what happened to Jennifer Lopez the artist and, more importantly, Jennifer Lopez the business woman.  The Diva I had read about had left the building. (the English/Spanish video clips are below)

I do not judge J.Lo for taking time off to be a mother and to enjoy a family that she carefully crafted. I hope that one day I have that luxury, but, as in any traditional  household (Hispanic or otherwise), J.Lo  the wife seemed to play second to Marc Anthony, the husband. “Como Una Mujer” served as a platform for him to perform with her and in order to boost his visibility with an audience who did not typically purchase Spanish-language albums and  her supporting role in “El Cantante” (which I thought was executed perfectly – ghetto booty jumpsuits and all) was simply another way for Marc Anthony to elevate his stature in the pantheon of salseros.

From the perspective of fans, Anthony fans didn’t know why he would leave Miss University (former Miss Venezuela) for a semi-talented Nuyorican and Lopez fans didn’t know what she saw in this short, and, yes, ugly salsa singer. She dated P-Diddy, right?

Their star didn’t seem to shine very brightly in the other’s world.

And so I welcome back Jennifer Lopez, shining star, queen of bling, and diva of dance. Welcome back to the fans who adore you. I ask one favor — quit singing MA tunes. Maybe start writing your own? I bet you have quite a bit to share.

(Can’t Believe) This is Me (Sorry, there is no “official” video)

Here’s the same song in Spanish (again no “official” video, but this is a live performance)

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