2011 Fall Fashion Trends

Even though we have 100+ degree temps, why not think about what we’re going to wear when the weather cools down a bit. Besides, sweaters are bound to start showing up at Macy’s any day now.

Here are Refinery 29’s predictions for Fall 2011 summarized by yours truly:

Brightly colored pants  I love this. I also love pink and red together. I will be so excited to find a store that carries something other than black, brown, gray or occasionally navy pants! (Yigal Azrouel, Karen Walker, Prabal Gurung, 3.1 Philip Lim)

Leather Skirts!!!! So, they are not for everyone and are frowned upon in some workplaces BUT the last photo with the black skirt and polka dot hose, I mean, how can you not covet that outfit? (Rachel Comey, Tommy Hilfiger, Vena Cava, Marc Jacobs)

The Poncho? I would prefer to call it a cape, since I got one last fall for my trip to Spain and it was an amazing success (a purchase that my Mom said I could not pass up). Poncho sounds so… early 2000 when everyone wore one and they were scary gross and I even saw one worn at a gala. Can we please not talk about ponchos and instead talk about cute little capes that remind us of idyllic winters, mittens, Anna Karenina (pre-train), and Jane Austen? Poncho only reminds me of Poncho Villa, Poncho Sanchez, and really drunk college kids in Tijuana. Cape seems so much better. (Alexander Wang, Zero +Maria Cornejo, Karen Walker, Rag & Bone)

High Slits Think Marlene Dietrich and other Hollywood starlets. Think showing the best part of your leg instead of the cottage cheese on the back of your thigh. But don’t forget – underwear with coverage. One gust of wind and you may as well work at Cabaret Royale. GAD has already seen this wardrobe malfunction happen. (Jenni Kayne, Preen, Altuzara, Jeremy Laing)

Tuxedo Dressing  So, can I tell you that I covet a black Helmut Lang jacket – uh, like this one at Barney’s that if anyone wanted to purchase it for me I’m a size 8. But I adore women dressing like men. It’s like Marlene Dietrich in Blue Angel. And like Helmut Newton, but, hopefully, in a less violent way. I really like the Prabal Gurung below because it is a little more feminine. (Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Yigal Azrouel, Ralph Lauren)

The Graphic Tartan  I cannot do this. I survived grunge and I’m never going back. NEXT! (Rag & Bone, Thakoon, Band of Outsiders, Chris Benz)

Yves Klein Blue  Yippie!!! I love this for so many reasons. No. 1: I just bought a beautiful blue bag and belt! No. 2: this color looks fantastic on me (if I do say so myself) and No. 3: It is so rare that a fashion trend is named after an artist who dipped hot models in bright blue paint and made them press their bodies against a gigantic canvas and called it art. Can this please last through the spring? (3.1 Philip Lim, Thakoon, Karen Walker, Derek Lam)

Mid Calf Skirt Anyone who is not 6’3 and a size 4 should not attempt the mid calf skirt. It’s make you look short, makes your calves look fat and emphasizes the bulge of your belly. This is torturous. Do not succumb to this. (BCBG Maxazria, Proenza Schouler, Narciso Rodriguez, Marc by Marc Jacobs)

Duster Coats This trend could easily go the Harry Potter or bad western direction. Moreover, it’s not very useful. (yes, I used the word useful) If it’s cold enough that you need a coat that long, you won’t leave it open and if you do not  leave it open, you look like you work for the CIA. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t wear a duster with sweaters and shorts nor do I pay couture prices for a witch costume I could buy at Walgreens. Count me out. Instead, I want a black wool, cape coat from Armani who refuses to post a picture of it online which makes me want it even more! (L.A.M.B., Theyskens’ Theory, Rodarte, Doo.Ri)


Graphic Stripes So, perhaps, my love of this is because I basically only own black and white stripes at this point. I know. I know. But it makes me feel so Paris circa Dora Maar or Brigitte Bardot. Ooh lalala! However stripes like these on pants me feel like I have been run over by the printing machine that makes road hazard signs. Not so nice. Stick to the tops. (Rag & Bone, Steven Alan, Rag & Bone, DKNY)

5 responses to “2011 Fall Fashion Trends”

  1. OK, so I actually own a black leather skirt. However, I am having trouble thinking of occasion on which I could wear it. A trip to Whole Foods? The pediatrician’s office? Maybe Toys R Us?
    I will be all over the stripes though! You have to remember and come to tell me what to wear before you head off to your fabulous new adventure. 😉

    • Well, a vegan might attack you at Whole Foods. You might sit on child throw-up at the pediatrician’s office. And you might be swiped by some stray art supplies at Toys R Us. If you can’t think of a normal place to wear your lovely black leather skirt, you should tell your husband that he would get more “attention” from you, if you were taken out to dinner where you could flaunt that aerobics teacher-bod. Bar Annie? That sounds about right!

  2. […] Although I spurned the Fall 2011 tartan trend in my last post because of it’s obvious grunge inspiration, I do not spurn a return to real rock and roll, lyrics with meaning (perhaps political meaning?), and fashion that resemble clothes that a fan could actually imitate and wear in public. I could really use a new album that sings to my soul because my neighbors are going to scream if they have to listen to Carole King’s Tapestry  on level 10 anymore this summer.  However, I am not comfortable leaving my Justin Timberlake behind, either. […]

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