Las Vegas — Don’t forget the ladies!

This post is the first of my coverage of my trip to Las Vegas. Although I don’t leave until later in the week, I am going to share some of my Las Vegas homework prior and then some photos, videos, etc from the City of Sin later.

Let’s first highlight some women who seem to just epitomize the Vegas sound and look.

Ann-Marget: Here are sections from Viva Las Vegas

Peggy Lee: Fever is classic Vegas!

Nancy Sinatra: This is a little later but this always says Vegas to me.

Keely Smith with Louis Prima: Keely Smith oftentimes gets looked over. She had a great sense of humor on stage and could really belt it out. If I had to choose someone’s singing voice, hers would be in my top 10.

Keep looking for Vegas inspired posts! If you have anyone you would like to see featured, let me know!

One response to “Las Vegas — Don’t forget the ladies!”

  1. Having been to Vegas a couple times in the last few months, I have to say the Rat Pack sound really does a lot to encapsulate the place, especially the older parts.

    I hope you do your best to indulge in all 7 deadly sins while you’re in Vegas. 😉

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