I made a plea for post ideas this weekend and received one from my LA-based artist friend Diana-Sofia Estrada. Thinking I was going to get a mental challenge, I was surprised when she answered with one simple, glorious word: shoes.

How can I resist? So, in keeping with my feather fetish as epitomized by my fashion favorites at Cannes, here are some examples of feathers in shoe design from www.virtualshoemusuem.com. (Apologies to the artists who created these because I am only going to include images. If you want specific information about artists, materials, etc, please visit the site.)


I think that these are definitely better than the Bjork outfit.

Do you think these would get messed up if I wore them pheasant hunting?

For some reason these reminded me of EH and JAS, the only two people I know who would still consider roller skating. And their blonde hair make it even more appropriate.

And these are mine mine mine!

Speaking of mine — here is a pair from my collection

And these which I plan to wear to Vegas next week:

And so I leave you with a conceptual work, one that makes me feel thankful that I have readers who like to see pictures of absolutely beautiful worthless shoes. Bon appetit!

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