Don’t make me get my witch on!

It’s the count down to HBO’s True Blood Season 4 which premieres on June 26th and although it has basically no real value outside of the hot vampires, excessive blood, and Louisiana backwoods trashiness, I love it love it love it.

Looks like we will have more werewolves and witches this time. Check out the trailer:

Many of us remember being introduced to witches back in our high school days with Anne Rice’s Witching Hour and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, in some cases fairly concurrently. And so the allure around witches continues. While True Blood is going to show my trampy waitresses tromping around the swamps, late this summer or early fall, the Steilneset Witch Trial Memorial in Vardo, Norway will open to the public. (This should be of interest to Eric).

This project is a collaboration between Swiss architect Peter Zumthor and my beloved Louise Bourgeouis. Her installation in the memorial consists of a chair placed in the middle of fire. You can see the image here.

Here is an image of  Zumthor’s exterior.

If you have the patience, here is  a link to a video of the construction of the building. No narration just pictures and so if you keep in mind what the function of the building is and who the designer is, you can begin to understand why the development of this video is so minimal. I think it’s worth the two minutes.

Per one of my online sources – During the 1600s, Vardø was where most witches were burnt, and the memorial aims to “impart the history of the 91 victims and their cruel death”. The work is part of the Norwegian National Tourist Routes scheme in which artists and architects have been commissioned to design memorials, viewing platforms and shelters.

Although I think that our dear friend Russell  Edgington is the only vampire in our cast who could truly appreciate the artistic complexities of this Norwegian project, he probably still would have let Talbot cover it in red damask until it looked like a whorehouse. Pity pity.

So, onto more important matters – condemnation of women and serious architecture aside – who is throwing the Cajun True Blood premiere party? I’ll bring the hurricane makings!

Season 4 teaser photos below.  Please note: I did not include any photos of Sookie because it looks like the costume designer has decided to — yet again — put her in horrible outfits. How could Pam be s delicious and Sookie be so Blue Light Special? Another note: can I hear a hallelujah for the mohawk?

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