Emily Hurst Review of PODA Show at Discover Green

So much fun last night with Emily at the opening of the Portable On Demand Art show at Discovery Green — on exhibit until June 5th.

Here is her guest review of the show.

Below are some photos which I hope will encourage you to attend yourself and support local artists.

Here is the mission statement of the show:

Here are images from Box13ArtSpace exhibit Box of Curiosities (BOC). This work focused on ” true and imagined knowledge of local history, science, geography, space exploration and beyond.” Lots of ways to interact with the artifacts.  

BOC: Very cool belt buckle collection. 

BOC: EH going through the drawers of artifacts.

BOC: Daredevil Squirrel

BOC:  Pink lame ode to Space City.


Jillian Conrad: Plan and Elevation. In this work, JC cut peep holes out of the storage unit giving spectators the opportunity to experience choreographed architectural views of the contents. Made me remember how deception storage units can be — sometimes you have too much stuff and sometimes you think you have more than you do. Here is Emily taking a peek.

Here is one of the vistas:

Here is my favorite: Anthony Thompson Shumate’s simulated laser rainstorm walk-in PODA.

Couldn’t take a picture of the work but here’s a picture of him. He told me that the artists had three weeks to pull these exhibits off and that his laser work was the first time he’s done something like this. Impressive.  You should check out his other work: http://actsstudios.com/ACTS-09/

Next up: Graffiti art PODA which I did not remember to take a picture of the tag so I’m not sure who to attribute but here is an image.

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