Attack of the Creative PODS

So excited because starting today, Market Grove at Discovery Green will be hosting the Portable On Demand Art Project. Translated:  8 local artists/groups have gotten together and decorated POD storage units and folks are invited to stroll through our AWESOME downtown public space while checking out local (contemporary?)  artists. This exhibit fits in nicely with the American Association of Museums national conference that opens at the George R. Brown this weekend and the Art Car Parade which is on Sunday. I love this entry.

What a great weekend to be an art lover in Houston!

I am very excited about the PODs project because when I was at Art Basel Miami Beach in 2009 with JB, they put on a similar event at a larger scale (30+ trailers). In short, Miami Beach near their convention center transformed a stretch of beach and boardwalk into a virtual art playground with music and dance and trailers that had been “installed” by artist from all over the world.  Sordid NYC gallery owners and roll out of bed Miami natives alike walked under the Ocean sky in flip flops (Christian Louboutins do not do well seaside) and literally entered into a someone else’s created universe. And I don’t mean just the artist’s. Walking around that exhibit, I heard other people’s candid conversations and ended up striking up conversations of my own with (gasp!) strangers!  And for me — this is the best example of public art — free, no academic pressure, a flow of conversations and people with lots of curiosity.

Although I don’t think that Houston will have Bacardi sponsoring this exhibit with cute girls giving out free shots of rum, I do hope that we are able to collect as a city and talk about art — together.

I know I will be there! You should check it out.

Here’s the link to event information from the Discovery Green site:

Here’s an image from the oceanfront space for Art Basel Miami Beach . (December 1 – 4, 2011)

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