We boobed…Controversy over M&S Ad Campaign

The Daily Mail reports today on a controversy over M&S lingerie ad campaign. Folks are saying these images are too racy and (of course) are inappropriate for children.

One thing – see the ad here? Imagine that blown up on a billboard.

Although I understand that it is incredibly annoying to be reminded on a daily basis that you do not wear a 32E bra(which is the one “natural” Natalie Suliman wears in this ad), has anyone watched a movie lately? Has anyone walked around on a Saturday night lately? The level of cleavage in this ad is no different from what you would see on Collins Avenue or Downtown Houston.

Big boobs are everywhere and even if they aren’t blown up on a billboard, they might as well be.

M&S chose to move this direction based off of customer feedback that the brand did not embrace women of all shapes and sizes. Somehow, I don’t think this is what they meant.

Either way — cute outfit.

The creative team behind the ad was Stuart Elkins and Graeme Cook and the photographer was Lorenzo Agius. Media was planned and bought by Walker Media.

2 responses to “We boobed…Controversy over M&S Ad Campaign”

  1. Wait, that’s in response to criticisms that they don’t pander to all shapes and sizes? What the heck WERE they pandering to, then, if not perfect bodies like the one above?

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