She doesn’t look distinguished — She looks hot!

Two positive articles I found today about the glamour of getting older.

Jane Fonda showed up in an amazing Pucci gown at Cannes this week. Don’t forget, folks, she is 73. Now, Fonda has been very open about how pairing her active lifestyle with plastic surgery has helped her maintain her looks. She thinks that there is no hypocrisy that the “Workout Queen” would  go under the knife while making everyone else sweat in thong leotards and leggings. Hm. This past December, Fonda released a three-part DVD series focusing on senior fitness called “Prime Time.” This, I think, is super cool. There really isn’t a lot of fitness stuff out there geared towards older people, Hell, I am even intimidated by the yoga videos that I watch so I wonder how it feels to be 60. It makes me think about my mom and how if you are older, there are very few safe places to get in shape so I am all for this — as long as JF has some normal shaped people in her videos. (You can find full Daily Mail Article here)

Also, let’s talk about Kristen McMenamy, goddess 90’s supermodel, now 47 who sported a swimsuit and her natural gray hair at the Chanel show on Monday. In a word, she is gorgeous. Although I am fairly convinced that — aside from her resume and obvious beauty — Karl Lagerfeld chose her because her hair does match the aesthetic of the House of Chanel. The only person whose hair could be better would be Daphne Guinness.  Daily Mail claims she stole the show. 

To each of my beautiful girlfriends, I am wishing you Kristen McMenamy in your future not only because she is beautiful, wears Chanel, is a working mother of three and look amazing in a swimsuit but because even all the male models want their picture taken with her.

2 responses to “She doesn’t look distinguished — She looks hot!”

  1. These ladies are very inspiring and might just be the motivation I need to get off the couch and moving. I agree with the previous comment, “I want to be her now.”

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