Lady Gaga – The Opera?

I greatly appreciate HBO’s unending compassion. First for vampires, then Jersey Mobsters and now for Lady Gaga. For those of us who did not have the money, patience, or outfit available for Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour, we were given a glimpse of her last show at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night in our own livingroom. This show will, I believe, be repeated ad nauseam for the next 12 months so if you missed it, don’t get your leather in a wad.

I would be a liar if I did not think that this was the “Blonde Ambition” tour 21 years late with the small difference that Lady Gaga’s (LG) bright yellow hair replaced the platinum sported by Madonna.

Although she describes this tour as a “pop-electric opera, ” I have to say that I was not convinced. Although the set and costume design could rival any Met Opera Show, it was the music that left me longing. Here you have her strutting about in these bizarrely beautiful costumes while singing a song that sounds like it squirted out of can of Reddi-wip (and not in the Truth or Dare kind of way).

I actually like LG. I have jammed out and sung and danced through many hours of catchy-poppy-dancy songs like  Bad Romance, Alejandro, and Telephone. I love that she is freaky and arty and weird. I love that she performed at the Museum of Contemporary Art LA playing a Damien Hirst piano with set designs by Frank Gehry, costume designs by Miuccia Prada and dancers from the Bolshoi Ballet. How brilliant is that ? That is the type of collaboration that the Material Girl could not ever have pulled off.

Even with my deep desire to fall further in love with LG after the HBO special — I just couldn’t. For me, LG as an icon is far more interesting than LG the singer. Her flexibility in coordinating with other artists demonstrates an unexpected lack of ego from someone who has created and will continue to create interesting pop culture puzzles.

But a favor – Could someone please just write some songs that are slightly on par with her persona? For me, Lady Gaga – the singer – will be best in my car as I’m driving or in my bathroom as I am curling my hair. Lady Gaga – the artist – however, makes me think even while I am at work – reminding me that I perform better when I allow everyone to put their ideas on the table and that even a pop song could yield something better than it actually is.

3 responses to “Lady Gaga – The Opera?”

  1. a) “Don’t get your leather in a wad” is my new favorite phrase.

    b) I tried to hate Lady Gaga. But her piano version of Poker Face effed that up for me. This isn’t the version that turned me, but it’s good.

  2. […] The integration of Trisha Brown Dance Company at the High Line Phase 2 opening and the Elizabeth Streb Dance Company at the Whitney Museum groundbreaking ceremony demonstrates that art curators can find ways to make audience experiences unique. By offering the perspectives of multiple artists at one event, they are not requiring a judgement of one artist or one form over the other. In fact, this integration and collaboration between artists creates a type of live performance studio, one that we saw in early modern dance  with Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham and more recently with some of Metropolitan Opera’s cutting-edge music, fashion, architecture collaborations for new productions and Lady Gaga’s performance at the Museum of Contemporary Art LA. […]

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